Boierească, Boerească, Hora boierească (1* & 2*) – Romania. MUSIC UPDATE


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  1. Regarding (Hora) Boiereasca, I learned the Dick Crum version at the San Antonio festival in 1976. Our group does that version – it may be simple, but any piece of music appropriate to the area is fine (my definition of a good dance). When the term is used at all, the northern Moldavian version is a basic dance, and the “Roots of Klezmer” recording you referenced early on is a prime example. Up there the rhythm is called “Hora Mare”, but it is in a stretched 3/4 – very different from the hora mare farther south. The dance referenced in the “Roots of Klezmer” recording, though, is a basic line dance that is often called just “hora” by klezmer bands. It is still done in northern Moldavia/Moldova , but one folklorist said that although everyone knew it, they called it “the Jewish Hora”. There are many recordings of that available. The dance is the “slow, slow, slow, quick, slow” pattern. here is a very poor video of the music, which, if you listen carefully, is the same rhythm as the “Roots of Klezmer” you cite: .
    Going back to Dick Crum’s version, it is a circle dance and still uses the “slow, slow, quick, quick,slow” pattern, but is a lot more lively. Interestingly, he could not find music like what he heard in Romania, so he taught it to a Jewish Sher, a Klezmer form from Moldova. When he visited St. Louis, I played the dance and used a piece of Moldovan Romanian music and he approved.


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