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  1. On Coconeasca: Theodor Vasilescu did a dance with this name in his program in 1990. His version is from the village of Pătulele, jud. Mehedinţi, Oltenia. As you know Anca Giurchescu mentions Coconeasca as an example in her discussion on symmetry in dances, in this case directional symmetry. Theodor’s Coconeasca is exactly such a directional symmetric dance, like a Hora în două părţi. It has two figures and a basket-hold position. I only have a notation in Romanian Kinetographic notation (a system developed by Sever Tita and Theodor Vasilescu, different from, but based on, the Romanian Rapid Dance Notation system used by Anca). The music used by Theodor for his Coconeasca is this one: . In the Dictionary of Romanian Folk Dances by G.T.Niculescu-Varone & E.Costache-Varone (1979) only one Coconeasca is mentioned, the one from Pătulele, Mehedinţi (same as Theodor).


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